Some thoughts on Teach. Empower. Lead.

The leadership team have been reflecting on our brand and the tagline of “Teach. Empower. Lead.” has led me to think about what they mean to me and my journey here at YPICS.


Every person, from office staff to classroom teachers to administration is a person who has the opportunity to model positive behavior, share their expertise, learn from others and pass that knowledge on. If you are teaching and your students, parents, and peers are learning, then you will be successful. There is no replacement for the heart of a teacher.


Everything we do is focused on the success of the student. Whatever decision you make, if it will help our students, parents and learning community be successful, then you can’t go wrong. This empowers our staff and leadership to make decisions without having to constantly check with others.


One of the great things about the charter movement is the lack of overbearing structure and the abundance of opportunity to make your mark. As long as you are striving to improve and help others along the way, you will be successful.