T-1 till Launch…

One more day until students return, and we are nearly ready to use Illuminate full time. Here is where we stand:

BCCS: all core subject classes are properly rostered. New advisory additions and SFA classes remain to be rostered, except for those with incorrect SSID numbers. The calendar is set for normal Tuesday – Friday schedules. The Monday schedule and the 8 days of no SFA / double advisory still needs to be completed. I expect that to be done by Tuesday night. There is will a review of student enrollments tomorrow morning to try to catch any missed students. I expect all non SFA rosters to be complete by Tuesday evening.

MORCS: all core classes, electives and advisories have been rostered. There are 11 students that need to be scheduled, and SFA classes are still being determined. I hope to schedule a student enrollments review on Tuesday. The no SFA / double advisory calendar still needs to be implemented, but the standard calendar should be correct.

BCCHS: Each student was scheduled individually to each required section, so those should be good to go.

On Wednesday, there will be Illuminate staff, including our trainers, available by Google hangout to support our first day, starting at 8am until noon. I will be at MORCSĀ on Wednesday morning to provide support to all sites.

Some operational notes:

We will be doing online attendance and manual paper attendance. Please make sure you visually verify each student in each section. I recommend having the class stand and have each student sit only once you have called their name. Any students who remain standing are either incorrectly rostered or in the wrong class. If you have students out of sort, please put in a help desk ticket and give their full names, so we can sort them out. Please do not send them to the office unless directed by intercom or call.

We will have a few rostering issues, but I am confident we will get them fixed with as little interruption as possible. Let’s make it a great first day of school!

P.S. Once we get through the first couple of days, we will work on implementing the student portal, next the report cards, and finally the parent portal.