How to embed videos in wordpress pages

Here is a quick tutorial on how to embed videos from Google drive into your WordPress pages and posts. Since we have very little space on the WordPress server, we can’t host files there. However, we have unlimited space in our Google Drive accounts, so we can upload files there and link to them on our websites. This works for video as well, but we can go a step further and add a preview and “embed” the video code in our webpages. Students are encouraged to do this for any presentations or presentation of learning videos they may create. This works well for leadership videos, as you can build a page and organize them on the website, rather than refer back to your email.

NOTE: Even though a video is embedded on a page, it may not play depending on how the video is shared.

NOTE: If you want to allow full screen mode, you have to add ‘ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”‘ after the height value. like this: height=”480″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”></iframe>

NOTE: I have activated the Unfiltered MU plugin on the grade level sites, so if students have been unable to embed videos before, they can now.