Adding host level site blocking

In an effort to support the content filter and to block ads, we have implemented a technique that blocks inappropriate sites and ad servers at the client level. The goal is to improve the web browsing experience by limiting distractions. This change takes effect immediately.

Implementing LanSchool



Set up

  • Make sure you have a list of the computers in your class by name.
  • How to identify a computer by name
  • Create a .csv file with a list of your machine names. (the techs can do this for you).
  • Install your version of lanschool, which you should have received by email.
  • Use the Administer / One to One / Manage Class Lists menu to create your Class List (.lsc file).

Critical Tasks

  • Set / remove login auto start preference
  • Set Teacher / Preferences / Network preferences to IP-Multicast
  • Customize Teacher Preferences
  • Load / Dismiss Class List
  • Show teacher screen to client / all
  • Show student screen to client / all
  • Vote
  • Run a particular app on client / all logged in clients
  • Control / view a client’s screen
  • Arrange clients to class layout / save layout
  • Take a snapshot
  • Send Message / Answer “Raised Hand”
  • Limit Web Browsing
  • Limit App use
  • Mute
  • Clear Desktop
  • Co-Browse Internet