End of Illuminate Year One, on to Year Two!

As theĀ school year draws to a close, I would like to take a moment to appreciate everyone who participated in the successful transition from Powerschool to the Illuminate ISI system. We have had to adapt our student / parent data management and attendance processes, learn new grade book and standards based grading practices, create all new report cards, new transcripts, and use benchmark and formative assessment data in helping our students learn. Barring any hiccups at the last minute, we can say that we made it! Again, thank you for your flexibility and can do attitudes; teamwork definitely made this dream work šŸ™‚

I also want to thank ourĀ implementation team at Illuminate as well as the Ā fabulous help desk, who were always available to help us answer our questions and show us ways to improve.

Now we are ready to look aheadĀ and see how we can more fully use the Illuminate tools to enhance how we use data to drive instruction. These are some tentative goals for next year:

  • Integrate Sped data to make profiles available to teachers via Illuminate
  • Use ISI visualizations to measure metrics and goals
  • Develop student literacy of standards and mastery
  • Develop admin use of student groups
  • Develop a common set of teacher “tiles”
  • Transition to Lightning Grader (replaces GradeCam 2.0)
  • Help teachers to more fully leverage online standards assessments
  • Develop parent engagement
  • Create standards mastery reports
  • Enhance the use of prebuilt & custom reports
  • Create and share the Accountability Dashboard
  • Leverage the Olweus Bullying Survey via summary assessments

If you have ideas on how we can meet these goals, or have ideas that you want to try, please let me or your site instructional leaders know. Thanks again for making this transition a successful one!