February Update

Over the last month, the tech team has been working on building a resource site for WordPress tutorials and how-to documentation. We expect to release this site as a resource for students and staff in a couple of weeks. We have also been working on developing a replacement directory service to address the student profile permissions issue that is forcing us to clear the /Users/Shared folder so students can log in, as well as deploy Mac Store software to student machines. At present we have to perform a time intensive work around to deploy standard Apple apps like iMovie and GarageBand.

Over the course of the next month, we will be working on converting as much of our AWS infrastructure to scripts that will allow us to treat them as code stacks, which will enable us to hastily redeploy our infrastructure to a new region if that becomes necessary.

We are also developing ISI reports using the business intelligence tool, which will allow us greater flexibility in extracting student grade data that what is currently available in the reports feature.

We continue to support teachers who wish to implement student portfolios via WordPress grade level sites, and are working on improvements to the student web server for better responsiveness.

We are also exploring replacements for our help desk application in an effort to improve reporting and streamline the ticketing and feedback process.

As always, thank your for your support!